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Stunt in Serbia

When did stunts begin in Serbia?

Stunt work has existed in Serbia for some 50 years. From ostlers to top stars, the road of the first Serbian stuntmen was paved with difficulty and danger, and many were cast aside. They entered the world of stunt work by chance, and perceived it more as an adventure, rather than an opportunity to make money. They all emerged as experts in their fields (horses, cars, fights), and although they appeared in over a dozen of films, they were held back by movie fever. Eventually, a team of stuntmen emerged, able to perform any stunt required. They couldn’t find heirs until they reached the seventh decade of life, when a new team appeared, following in their footsteps.

Who were stunt pioneers in Serbia?

As already said, all of them appeared as experts in some field, and later studied other skills when required. The first Serbian stunt acrobat was Miodrag Aleksić. Serbian stuntmen who made the biggest name for themselves worldwide were Slavoljub Plavšić (nickname: Zvonce), Pigi, Džimi, Bata, Đurić, Branko Jokić and others. Zvonce shot the biggest number of movies and did the most dangerous scenes. He is also the first teacher of stunt work in our region, and the man who raised a new generation of stuntmen.