Serbian Stuntman Agency | SKA Team
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SKA Team

SKA Team on set

SKA Team was founded in 2002, when the stunt group Zvonce changed its name to SKA Team (Serbian Stuntman Association Team). Two years later, the Serbian Stuntman Agency was born, founded by Slaviša Ivanović, whom Zvonce appointed as the the SKA Team leader. Thus SKA Team became the official team of the Serbian Stuntman Agency and changed its name to the Serbian Stuntman Agency Team.


SKA Team has competed at nine world championships, mostly held in Moscow and Bucharest, achieving enviable results (Best Stunt Team in 2014). SKA Team is the second largest stunt team in Europe, with over 25 members.  Half of its members are all-around stuntmen with experience and craft for various stunts. SKA Team stuntmen are skilled in nearly all battle techniques across all periods, spanning cold weapon to modern martial techniques, height stunts, fire stunts, motor vehicles on land and water, and many more.


All SKA Team members need to be martial artists or have impressive results in some other sport discipline. Our team comprises artists of aikido, taekwondo, karate, krav maga, kickboxing and MMA champions. The selection process is rigorous, and besides being fit, SKA Team stuntmen need to possess other virtues as well.