Serbian Stuntman Agency | The best stuntman agency
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Through fire and water blown head, crossing road of victory, honour and glory, Zvonce’s flame is bruning again, guys hard like a stone come of age!


The Serbian Stuntman Association was founded in 1970, under the name Yugoslavian Stuntman Society. At the turn of the millennium, as Yugoslavia broke up and Serbia gained independence, the Society changed its name to the Serbian Stuntman Associationn.

SKA Team gathers around members of the Serbian Stuntman Association and is its official team. The Serbian Stuntman Agency, i.e. SKA Team represents the Serbian Stuntman Association at all competitions, projects, events.

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Some projects we were working on

  • The November ManThe November Man
  • 3 days to kill3 days to kill
  • The RavenThe Raven
  • CoriolanusCoriolanus
  • Games of thronesGames of thrones
  • Sword of vengeanceSword of vengeance
  • TitanicTitanic
  • Cat runCat run

The best Stunt Team at the International Festival of stunt “Prometheus” 2014